Arts & Crafts

Gatlinburg’s Arts and Crafts Community is an 8 mile stretch of winding road along Highway 321 with nearly 100 businesses, nestled in at every turn. They feature everything from family owned stores, art studios, and galleries to wood working shops .  Along this hill hugging, meandering road you will find several small restaurants with a variety of amazing home cooked foods.

Amid the area’s shops you will meet a diverse group of artisans and crafters like no other area in the nation.  Creative juices flow as they create pottery and ceramics, brooms made from straw with carved wooden handles not to mention handmade dulcimers and other wood crafts, stuffed animals, leather products, baskets of all descriptions, jewelry, hand sown items like quilts made the old fashion way and other handicrafts using products indigenous to the area.  Many a talented painter can be found in the community in either their own studios or local art galleries.

You can drive and enjoy the scenery on your own or you can take a Gatlinburg Trolley for a $1.00 round trip fee.  You will want to spend several hours exploring this unique area and picking out one-of-a- kind gifts to take back home.

Don’t forget  The Craftsman’s Fair held each summer and fall at the Gatlinburg Convention Center, downtown at traffic light # 8 across from The Gatlinburg Space Needle.  Nearly 200 craftsmen are there to display their wares so we are sure you will find something you can’t live without.  The convention features music and concessions daily. For more information please call 865-436-7479.

Make sure you stop by Arrowcraft, Gatlinburg’s premier craft shop, at traffic light #6 across from the Ripley’s Aquarium.